To get the download link and serial key login to your account with provided username and password.



On successful login you will see “My Order” section on the page as shown below.



Download link and serial key both are provided there in the middle and last column of the table respectively. In case if you don’t find the link and serial key then please wait for the payment verification process to finish.


Payment verification process:

As soon as you place order it passes through a process of “Fraud Detection and Verification” by payment gateway itself. It might take few minutes or go up to 48 hours at max in rare cases. Once it gets finished and verified successful then extension download link and serial key will be available on My Order page.


If the payment verification fails, you should get the refund of the amount by gateway itself.
Please in that case Contact Us  for further assistance.


Also you will see an email of your invoice in your mailbox once the process is completed. 

Different domains for Frontend and backend concludes Multi-store setup of Magento. You need to purchase the license for the front-end domain for which you want to use the extension functionality.

No, it’s not possible to translate the module in any other language with the use of Magento built in “Translate Inline”, but you can do the needful using CSV.

 First of all, you will have to copy the Indies_Callforprice.csv file located at "/app/locale/en_US/”  in our call for price extension  to the “/app/locale/<your_language_directory>” directory. Now make changes in 2nd column text of that copied file according to your language translation. 

Yes, you will need to purchase a distinct license for each of your domains.