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we do

  • Partial, Subscription and Layaway Payment Plans

    Sell Online with various payment plans. Offer Installment, Layaway, Partial, Deposits, Subscription, Recurring and Rental payment plans to your buyers.

  • Product Personalization and Virtualization

    Let your buyers Personalize and Customize your products. Personalization increases customer satisfaction and Virtualization of Product improves buying decision.

  • Marketing Personalization & Automation Marketing

    Achieving Personalisation and Automation at same time is real challenge but requirement of modern marketing. We help you achieving this with our cloud based application.

  • Magento Extensions

    Thousands of Online stores and developers trust Milople Magento Extensiosn to enhance features in their Magento stores. Very few but of very high quality magento extensions.

  • Prestashop Modules

    Cool stuff to strengthen the user experience and ease the administration of your Prestashop store.

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