47% of smartphones in USA are sold with Installments and Layaway Plans

Why ?

The single point objective of any business during festival season is to tap the opportunity and sell more. Be it online or offline, every store would try to market themselves best, offer great deals and lure more customers. Here we present yet another but extremely efficient tool to leverage the festival season and engage more customers at your store - The Partial and Instalment Payment Solution. While a business wants to sell more, similarly a buyer wants to buy more but also get value for his money. Buyers want the best deals and always want to optimize within their available budget. Offering instalment payment facility would be a great opportunity to motivate the buyer to shop more and go an extra mile.

See how installment payment leverages the buying process

Have you been eyeing that $12000 electric guitar for a while now, but haven’t been able to make it yours? Here’s your chance, partial payment options make it possible for you to pay in small installments and buy that much needed gift for yourself or your loved ones. It is a safe, secure and a no hassles procedure. You choose the product you want, select your instalment plan, make the down-payment and pay the rest in small installments.

What Customer thinks

Benefits for Your Business

  1. 1) More sale (As installments are affordable!).
  2. 2) Funds starts flowing in immediately. More liquidity.
  3. 3) Better inventory management.
  4. 4) More customer engagement, loyalty and repeat sale.
  5. 5) Winning customer trust and confidence.
  6. 6) Better brand building.
  7. 7) Get advance payment and installments, even before shipping is done. (Made to order?)

Partial Payment

Get advance payments and installments even though the shipping will happen later in case of Made to order products.

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