47% of smartphones sold in USA are with Installments and Layaway Plans
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The single point Objective of any business during festival season is to tap the opportunity and sale more . Be it online or offline every store would try to market themselves best, offer great deals and lure more customers. Here we present yet another but extremely efficient tool to leverage the festival season and engage more customers to your store. The Partial and Installment payment solution. While A business wants to sale more a buyer wants to buy more on the same lines. Buyers want best deals and always want to buy maximum of their available budget. Offering Installment Payment facility would be a great chance to motivate the buyer shop more and go for an extra mile.


Gifting that $12000 Electric Guitar to your wife With Installments
Booking Golf Tourism Packages for New Year holidays.
Buying a telescope for your hobbyist child.
Replacing the furniture set this Diwali.

Fulfil your buyer’s Wish with Partial Payment

Sell on Partial Payment This Holiday Season

More then 500 stores use Milople Partial Payment solutions to sell their products online

Benefits for Your Business

  1. 1) More sale (As installments are affordable!)
  2. 2) Funds starts flowing in immediately. More liquidity.
  3. 3) Better inventory management.
  4. 4) More customer engagement, loyalty and repeat sale.
  5. 5) Wining customer trust and confidence
  6. 6) Better brand building.
  7. 7) Get advance payment and instalments when shipping is going to happen later (Made to Order?)

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