welcome to milople
In 2015, to be precise on 12th March 2015, Milople got incorporated. We are technology company focused on building products for better ecommerce. We are committed to disrupt the domains we work in and bringing a positive change to the people we relate with around the world. At present, we do have few very successful products for ecommerce, an experience of 11+ years from our past venture, Some solid technology know how and most importantly a team of crazy people. With these assets we are all set to Fly…. Very High.

Vision & MISSION

To Become
the Largest Happy Organization
of the Planet.


Here are the Seven elements of our culture and business practices. We seek the same in every Milopler as well. These seven principals keep us moving towards our mission and help us making better decisions.

  1. 1) Technology is to empower Human
  2. 2) Excellence and Leadership in whatever we do
  3. 3) Knowledge and Innovation with Speediest Execution
  4. 4) Making Fans: Around the world: to Everyone
  5. 5) Quality in Work, Life and Everything
  6. 6) Make an Impact, before it’s over
  7. 7) Ethics and Empathy are not tobe mentioned as Values. We are born with that.

we do

  • Partial, Subscription and Layaway Payment Plans

    Sell Online with various payment plans. Offer Installment, Layaway, Partial, Deposits, Subscription, Recurring and Rental payment plans to your buyers.

  • Product Personalization and Virtualization

    Let your buyers Personalize and Customize your products. Personalization increases customer satisfaction and Virtualization of Product improves buying decision.

  • Marketing Personalization & Automation Marketing

    Achieving Personalisation and Automation at same time is real challenge but requirement of modern marketing. We help you achieving this with our cloud based application.

  • Magento Extensions

    Thousands of Online stores and developers trust Milople Magento Extensiosn to enhance features in their Magento stores. Very few but of very high quality magento extensions.

  • Prestashop Modules

    Cool stuff to strengthen the user experience and ease the administration of your Prestashop store.


  • Prashant-Mamtora

    Prashant Mamtora

    Founder & CEO

  • Bhargav-Joshi

    Bhargav Joshi

    Software Engineer

  • Bhupendrasinh-Jadeja

    Bhupendrasinh Jadeja

    Software Engineer

  • Chirag-Doshi

    Chirag Doshi

    Software Engineer

  • Hasmukh-Kharadi

    Hasmukh Kharadi

    Software Engineering

  • Himanshu-Vaghela

    Himanshu Vaghela

    Marketing Associate

  • Krupali-Mehta

    Krupali Mehta

    Software Engineer

  • Nirav-Desai

    Nirav Desai

    Quality Engineer

  • Nishant-Vadgama

    Nishant Vadgama

    Software Engineer

  • Pratik-Navapara

    Pratik Navapara

    Software Engineer

  • Sagar-Vasani

    Sagar Vasani

    Software Engineering

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