Product Configurator

Product designer tool to design that dream product. You make the product, the way your buyers want it to be.

User Engagement, at its Best

Buyers will be able to design and customize a product. Giving customization and personalization facility may increase customer conversion and loyalty by upto 300%. Afterall everyone wants to stand out in a crowd, so your business to be. Product configurator easily connects with your website, ecommerce store, mobile app and kiosk interface. Have a free demo of product configurator today.

Countless Products

Create as many customizable products as you want, no limits. Not only that, you can create N number of design options under each of the product so your buyer can choose and create variety of products.

Customer Intelligence

You, as the admin can decide what options buyers will have when they are building a product. You get the specification and the design of the order placed by buyer. Not only that, the inbuilt analytics help you understanding the user behaviour and their choices as well.

Charge Extra if you Wish

Charge based on design options used or charge a one time fee to order a customized product. Improve your revenue stream by charging an additional fee or give it for free in order to build a brand and acquire customers.

Easy Integration

Use the product designer tool independently or integrate with existing website and app. The software easily integrates with websites and ecommerce stores made with any framework or custom code. It can be integrated with mobile apps and kiosk interface too to offer omnichannel product design experience.

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