Personalized Products


Personalized product is more than a product or you can say a unique customized product based on the requirements each client. The demo in our site refers to customization for one of our clients where the requirement was to prepare and charge the SASH based on custom options selected by the customers.

The only reason this product isn’t tagged with a specific price is – the price can only be decided based on your customized requirements. Personalization may vary so the prices. Say for example, the Sash personalization we worked for has distinct needs than a jeans personalization. Sash has base color, tips and trim color and styles while jeans personalization needs to have pocket styles, bottom styles, monkey wash color and other various design attributes. Hence customization for both the products would be different.


Once you provide us the detailed requirements, we decide the price based on efforts needed to fulfill the requirements and other services required. Contact us for more queries or quotes.