Deposit Payment


  • General Queries
  • Setup and Configuration
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General Queries

Normally you cannot charge customer with additional amount for their instalment payment failure before due date, but you can add surcharge if the instalments have been captured with Deposit Payment facility.

You can change the text of both from the files listed below:

1) Change the text ‘Initial Deposit’ from the Data.php file located at ‘/app/code/local/Indies/Deposit/Helper/’ directory.
2) change the text ‘Amount to be paid later’ from the Data.php file located at ‘/app/code/local/Indies/Fee/Helper/’ directory.

You need to make following changes to modify the text of help tooltip:


  • ‘/app/code/local/Indies/Partialpayment/controllers/IndexController.php/’
  • ‘/app/design/frontend/frontend/default/default/template/partialpayment/catalog/view/ partialpayment_options.phtml’


If you are using ‘Whole cart’ feature, you need to make changes in following files:


  •  ‘/app/code/local/Indies/Partialpayment/controllers/IndexController.php/’
  •  ‘/app/design/frontend/frontend/default/default/template/partialpayment/wholecart.phtml/’

The above paths have been written by considering the default theme. If you are using any other theme on your site, you will need to make changes in your theme’s files respectively.

No. It will not change or modify any core code in your Magento installation. The extension is developed by rewriting the core files into local module and hence completely safe to use. It is compatible with the stores those maintain the standards of Magento coding.

Setup and Configuration

Configure the following settings at admin panel. Go to ‘System–>Configuration->Milople Extensions –> Deposit Payment –>General Settings’:

a) Set ‘Apply Deposit Payment to’ as ‘All Products’ or ‘Whole cart’

b) Set ‘Deposit Payment Optional for Buyer’ as ‘No’

c) Set ‘Discount Calculation Options’ as “Discount distributed equally in all installments”

d) Set ‘Shipping and Tax Calculation Options’ as ‘Shipping & Tax distributed equally in all installments’

No, you cannot charge different deposit payment on specific store products with the default functionality of this extension. Although you can enable or disable the entire extension for specific products but cannot apply this feature for the first installment alone. If you need this facility, you can contact us for customization.

There is one more mandatory field labelled “Down Payment” which you will need to fill in order to save the configurations.

You will have to follow two simple steps for this:

  • Set “Apply Deposit Payment to” as “Pre Order Products Only (Out of Stock)” available at “System - - > Configuration - -> Milople Extensions - -> Deposit Payment - - > General Settings”.

  • Do the necessary configuration into the product you want to set as pre-order as metioned in below screenshot.

    Deposit Pre Order

As per the default setting -  shipping, tax and surcharge are added to Down Payment amount. If you want to add in remaining installments then you can do with following options.

1. Set 'Apply Deposit Payment to' to 'Wholecart'
2. Set 'Apply Deposit Payment to' to 'All Product' and set 'Allow Full Payment?' to 'No'.
In both above cases all products in the cart will be with Deposit Payment and in that case shipping, tax and surcharge can be added in remaining amount.

Yes, customer will have all the payment gateways available on My Account page, those you have enabled for the payment.

You can see this user guide for more clear information,

No, Customer need to login with their respective store account credentials and pay the installment from their My Account Page only.

We have included email templates so that customer will get reminder Email before due date of upcoming installment payment. You can include the link of My Account page in this email template so that customer gets redirected to My Account page directly, and can pay the remaining installment amount.

Deposit Payment will not generate different invoices for different installments. Actually Deposit payment has its own status. Both Admin and Customers can see the status of deposit payment extension. Admin can check the installment details of any customer like number of installments customers have selected to pay, number of paid installments with details and remaining installments, upcoming installment date and few other features from back-end. Customers can check their installment details and pay upcoming installment from their “My Account” section. 

The remaining amount of the order can be paid from the customer’s “My account” page which includes all the information about the orders placed by him and remaining installment amount notifications. The customer can select the particular order, proceed payment and complete the order.

Payment Gateway Queries

Currently Partial Payment and Deposit Payment supports following payment methods:

  • PayPal Standard, PayPal Express, PayPal Pro, PayPal Payflow Pro and PayPal Plus
  • Sage Pay Suite - DIRECT and SERVER Integration
  • eWay Rapid 3.1 Direct Connection
  • CC Avenue
  • PayU Money
  • Cash On Delivery
  • Check / Money order
  • Credit Card (saved)
  • Purchase Order (Magento Default)
  • Bank Transfer Payment (Magento Default)

Actually it is not feasible for us to make a general guide on how to integrate any payment method with our Partial(Deposit) Payment extension. Because every payment method has its own file structure and logic to do the payment transaction.

While integrating any payment method, we need to understand its flow and working. many a times we also need to refer their developer guides as well. So it’s a tricky task and can’t be considered as a common process all the time.

This is the reason why we are not providing any guide on integrating third party payment method modules with our extension. 

You might have turned on the “Transfer Cart Line Items” option within the PayPal Express payment method configuration at the backend. If so, turn off this option in order to resolve the above issue.

FYI, PayPal module calculates each sum separately and compares it with the grand total in case you have turned on the “Transfer Cart Line Items” option. In such case, the comparison of the total will be wrong because we are replacing grand total amount with down payment /deposit amount. Hence, you will have to turn off this option while using PayPal Express payment method with our Partial Payment extension.

Our extension is compatible with most of the payment gateways listed on
If you are looking for any else, then we can integrate with additional professional customization.

Regarding supported payment gateways - if you are looking any payment gateway from the list of the supported gateways, then you will require installing patch extension.
Here is a list of patches you can get as per your requirements.

Payment gateway extension list which is integrated with our respective Patch.
Paytm :
eWay :
PaymentSense :
Stripe :

Patch is a small extension and part of Deposit Payment extension. This extension need to be installed if you want to integrate third-party payment gateway with Deposit Payment.
You can install patch directly from Magento Connect or manually by extracting tgz file. Please make sure that you have installed it in right theme directly.