Call For Price


  • Setup and Configuration
  • Theme Integration

Setup and Configuration

Go to System --> Configuration, click on “Call For Price Options” and Select customer groups for which you need to enable Call For Price.

call for price

Yes, of course. You can apply Call for Price to some specific products or all products. You can apply Call for Price for customer groups even.

Theme Integration

First of all, you will have to copy the Indies_Callforprice.csv file located at “/app/locale/en_US/”  in our call for price extension  to the “/app/locale/<your_language_directory>” directory. Now make changes in 2nd column text of that copied file according to your language translation.

This problem occurs due to “Call for Price” extension overrides the Magento designing files which displays the category page and product-detail page. Solve this problem by adding your customized code from list.phtml (if problem occurs on category page) and addtocart.phtml (if problem occurs on product-view page) to Call for Price module’s list.phtml and addtocart.phtml files respectively.