Say hello to Magento Partial Payment Extension 4.0 with exciting features

Say hello to Magento Partial Payment Extension 4.0 with exciting features

Exactly before 4 years in November 11, we had launched Partial Payment Extension v 1.0. In last 4 years, this extension for Magento stores is proved as one of the most useful and most original extension. We kept releasing new versions of extension and Magento developers and store owners kept putting more and more trust on us and our product. With all your support, here we are glad to introduce the all new Magento Partial Payment v 4.0 by Milople.

The version upgrade of partial payment is the combined result of feedbacks and requirements of our clients, new ideas by us, simplification of existing controls and our consistent desire to keep our customers ahead in business. With this upgrade, we are introducing some of the most useful additional features in the extension that makes the implementation of it smoother and easier.

New Features:

  • In earlier versions we could set Down payment and Installment plans globally. but with v 4.0 we have shifted control to root level of products. Yes now you can differently set down payment and Installments for each products. Take for example these two products.
  • product-specific-installment-and-down-payments

  • System configurations are revised and restructured for more efficiency and ease of use.
  • Revised blocks on frontend to encourage customers leverage partial payment facility.
  • All features and blocks on frontend related to partial payment are responsive.
  • Partial Payment v 4.0 manages total 7 different email notification templates namely auto capture reminder, auto capture failure, installment failure and payment overdue notice to customers for ease of payment collection. This helps magento store admin having more connectivity and engagement with buyers.
  • We have introduced two new reports with extension to understand buying patterns and helping you with decision making process.
  • Detailed product specific installment summary in backend for admin.
  • Introduced and modified the option to charge shipping, tax, surcharge and provide discount is to equally add all of them in remaining installments.
  • Gateway compatibility is made easy with gateway patches. Now separate patches are available for popular gateways to make it work with Partial Payment Extension. This keeps extension files unchanged and clean. Also fellow Magento developers can make patches themselves if they wish.
  • Added support for two new payment gateways: CC Avenue, PayU Money
  • Added optional setting to load jQuery only if required. This makes installation and first run process easier.
  • Introduction of analytics to better understand the usage pattern of the extension.

New to Partial Payment? Check all features here.

How to upgrade the new version of Partial Payment?

With Magento Partial Payment Extension v 4.0, we have changed the extension core coding and it needs a bit of precaution to upgrade from older version to latest 4.0. Please read all the steps carefully before upgrading the extension.

  1. Existing customers can download the extension from their account with Milople and download the copy of extension.
  2. Uninstall older version of extension
  3. Install Milople Partial Payment 4.0
  4. Move all your existing orders from current database to new 4.0 database
  5. If you have got done customization with earlier version of extension, do not follow the above steps. The older version of extension would be required to shifted to 4.0. Contact us to discuss this in detail.

You can please discuss any query if you have regarding extension or migration process in comment section here or can email us.

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