How to Prepare for a Successful Exhibition & Trade Show?

The above video showcases how to better prepare for a trade fair and to get maximum participation.

Hi I am Prashant from Milople and in this video we will show you how to better prepare for industry events and exhibitions.
Startups, small and medium enterprises participate in various exhibitions and trade fairs around the world and here we have listed some of our learnings from our own experience.

Prepare for the Exhibition:

1) Setup Smart Objectives: Without these objectives don’t go for the event at all. Your objectives can be leads, customers, social buzz, partners and even resumes. List them out.

2) Identify your Visitors: You will have lot of visitors at the exhibitions so identify your audience and target the ones that interest you.

3) Prepare Tools: You need to match your objectives with the visitor class and prepare and keep ready personalized engagement tools such as social channels, papers, feedback forms, visiting cards, brochures or any other marketing collateral that could help you.

4) Send invites: Identify the target companies and dignitaries you would like to meet in that geography and send email invites, or ivitations on LinkedIn. But please don’t spam. You will feel really happy when someone will tell you that they received your invitation.

5) Social Media: Run creative posts and campaigns about your participation in the event over social media channels. That will help in spreading awareness as well as build a better brand for you.

6) Checklist: Prepare a smart checklist of everything you need at an exhibition so you don’t run helter skelter a day before for preparation.

7) Literature: Go easy on literature. No-one reads 5-6 pages of brochures or pamphlets.

8) Give-aways: If you are giving any merchandise to your visitors, plan for how and to whom would you give this.

Don't wait for the #Exhibition to end to start following up. Do it from Day one. #Tip Click To Tweet

During and After Exhibition

1) Environment: Decorate your Booth smartly to attract people towards your booth.

2) Co-Exhibitors: Network with your co-exhibitors. They could be your potential partners or customers.

3) Team Size: Have a big team always. I prefer to have have 4-6 members , Never be alone.

4) Speak First: Put your chairs inside and stay out of the booth. Greet every person passing by your booth. And if the discussion goes on you stand a chance to have a better funnel. You can introduce your company, product and can have detailed product discussions and demonstrations.

Last but not the least

5) Don’t wait: Don’t wait for event to end to start following-up. Start preparing records from day one itself. You can use Milople’s Marketing Automation tool for automated followup and analytics.

Do you have other ideas, please share in the comments section below.


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