6 Best Ideas for Personalized And Automated Email Campaigns

6 Best Ideas for Personalized And Automated Email Campaigns

Personalized and automated emails campaigns coupled with intelligent data collection strategies are one of the most effective ways for a marketer to keep in touch with the consumer. Email campaigns are passe, but what makes some campaigns unique and appealing? It is the personalization that goes into it. But, it is not humanly impossible to personalize each and every email. This is where automation comes into play.

We at Milople have curated some great entry points that allow you to personalize and automate emails for your clients:

1. Gifting a newborn
new-bornThis is a great case of using events or special occasions as an entry point to send automated relevant email offers. In this case a marketer’s data collection strategy should be intelligent enough to know if this purchase is for buyer’s own newborn or if it is a gift to someone. Based on the findings, personalized offerings of products can be suggested within regular intervals of 3 months, 6 months or a year and this can be automated since the purchase of the first product. But if the buyer is not the parent of the end user, this kind of automation may backfire.

2. Furniture
This is a classic case of home improvement solutions as an entry point to send automated emails. When a customer buys products like bed, sofa, chairs, mattresses etc., further personalization and automation can be done offering bed sheets every festival, or sofa cleaning service or refurbishing service every couple of years.

3. Books
When a customer buys something in higher quantities such as books, storage might be the next thing on his/her mind. Utilize this quantity of product purchase as an entry point.

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4. Air tickets
Air-ticketHave you noticed some airlines send emails with information such as weather, places to visit, helping out with further transportation, situation of unrest if any, right after you purchase travel tickets? This is an example of using travel queries/information as an entry point. Open ratio in such cases can be very high. Offers of hotel bookings, cab bookings can be bundled into this as well.

5. Rebates, sale, gift offers
What better opportunity than to send emails informing customers about gift coupons, offers, deals, etc.? Using rewards/loyalty programs as an entry point is a great way to personalize.

6. Printer cartridges
There are some purchases which are needed at regular intervals. Printer cartridges is one of them. Use this subscription model as an entry point to send automated emails.

But, wait there is a catch! Personalization is good, only until it comes across as pushy. If you go overboard with your emails, personalization can hurt real bad. One way to tackle this problem is to sound believable, only promise what you can deliver, be consistent with your timing and frequency of sending emails. Consistency leads to trust. Always remember personalization is about offering value to your consumers each time you interact with them. Would you like to share other ways to personalize and automate your client emails? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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