Six B2B companies which are successfully leveraging e-commerce

Six B2B companies which are successfully leveraging e-commerce

What has been the major change to look out for into the global commerce in the last decade? Internet penetration and the rise of e-commerce!
Humongous number of people today are glued to the internet and make purchase decisions based on intensive research and comparison. Apart from the quality of products buyers want ease of purchase. In this scenario, not selling products online could be a huge blow to your business.

An online B2B Store can be advantageous for you on the following fronts:
  • Visibility on the internet leading to customer reach irrespective of geographical boundaries.
  • Displaying product reviews to motivate purchase decisions.
  • A wide range of product display with a detailed description of each. This helps in search engine optimization.
  • Efficient lead management and conversion.
  • Data generated by a B2B e-commerce store helps in making data-driven decisions to further improve the business and customer experience.
BTool, a B2B company from Romania deals with various heavy machinery equipments like generators, excavators, construction machines and others. They have been renting out these machines to contractors commissioning projects into a wide geography. They started with an online store on Magento later, where they have put each of these machines as a product on separate product pages. Customers can choose the products they want and select a plan for their convenience. The store charges a down payment amount and allows its customers to pay the rest amount in multiple installments. They have also been using our partial payment extension. BTool has certainly developed immense customer engagement and attained steady cash flow.
IdealTools, an Australian company sells woodworking tools, guide rails, dust extraction tools etc. A wide display of all its products with adequate product information and documentation helps its buyers undergo a smooth purchase experience. They utilize their online store by providing videos related to product functionality. They have created a huge customer base by tapping customers from over the world. IdealTools are succeeding with flying colors due to their commendable online presence.
DCGpac, the famous Indian e-commerce packaging company, offers product lines such as packaging and shipping, warehouse supplies etc. It has multiple offline models. They sell these niche products online as well, where they allow customers to explain their custom requirements. The customer places an order and DCGpac ships the customized product to the buyer’s doorstep. The company also sets minimum order amount on certain products. It is one of the very few companies which offers credits to its corporate customers for online purchases. An efficient omnichannel strategy is a reason behind DCGpac’s success story.
Lamatel, an Italian company sells VOIP phone systems on an online store. The company has categorized all products based on their manufacturers. Customers can select the desired product from their trusted manufacturer and place an order. An easy on-site navigation makes it extremely easy for buyers to make a choice. No doubt Lamatel is a go-to point for buyers of this genre.
Pinky’s Iron doors, attracts its customers with an eye-catching website. Most buyers tend to depend on social acceptance of a product before making a purchase decision. The company displays a wide range of customer reviews attached to their online catalog of products. Buyers can then choose the desired product and place an order with smooth online payment facilities.
RecycledGoods, an American company specializing in remarketing and recycling of pre-owned, off-lease and surplus technology assets, runs its operations online. They use a functionality called “Request for quote”. Customers need to enter their details including name, email address etc. in order to know the price of their chosen product. This helped the company maintain a huge database of customer records and keep improving their services by various data-driven analytics and studying customer demands. Following this, their sales took off intensively.

Starting off with an online store is not all that difficult. All you need to do is click here. We will get back to you.

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