History of PHP: Versions, Frameworks and popular sites

History of PHP: Versions, Frameworks and popular sites

PHP has evolved like a rise of a new dawn in web development world and come a long way since its birth in the mid-1990’s. Its journey from modest beginnings to a swifter growth of being one of the most prominent languages powering the web now a days, the evolution of PHP is a techie’s fairy tale. Rasmus Lerdorf invented the PHP to improvise the look of personal home page and gradually it became the most popular language to the web development world which is blissfully incorporated by most famous brands like Facebook, WordPress, Yahoo and many more. We are presenting an infographic to briefly explain how PHP introduced versions by means of improvised utility tool and set to grow at a rate of knots. We at Milople, have been working with PHP since 2007 and have partnered the growth story for a long way now.

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The history of PHP

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