Why you should badge your store with Google Trusted store

Why you should badge your store with Google Trusted store

Ecommerce Marketing and sales growth depends on these simple steps:

  1. Get more visibility on search engines.
  2. Get More Visitors.
  3. Convert Visitors into buyers.

The whole game is being played on the fact that user buys more when she trusts more. Responsive design, store speed and may be any other elements to improve user experience finally helps users putting more trust.

One important element into this is store certification and authorization. There are multiple reputed Trust seals available in market from various vendors and Google Trusted Store Badge is one of them.

Google Trusted store is a certification program for your Ecommerce store to show you’re a great place to shop and provide customers with best shopping experience. Earning Google Trusted store badge proves you are following well established processes and you have proven track records of better payments, shipping and returns processes. This avails more conversions and larger order size. In short, Google Trusted Store is a direct endorsement from Google that improves store credibility which leads to sales hike.

Learn more about implementing Google Trusted store badge on your Ecommerce store into this Video:

Why you should badge your store with Google Trusted store

Google Trusted Store Badge helps increasing your revenue by leverage the trust factor. Google monitors your online store very closely for some time and if found eligible will allocate a Trusted Store Badge. You can display the badge on store which will lead towards more visits and more visitors converted buyers. Milople can help you in getting the technicalities cleared and earning the badge faster and easier.

Here are the basic process explained to implementing google trusted store badge on your store.

How to apply for Google trusted store certification program?

  • Registering account:
    The initial step to apply is to create a Google Merchant Account from www.google.com/merchants which requires to qualify for the eligibility criteria, review program agreements and submission of primary contact information.

    Metric Criteria
    Transaction Volume At least 600 orders on a 90-day rolling basis through the order confirmation module code.
    On time delivery At least 90% of shipments must be processed on estimated shipping date provided to customers on the purchase date.
    Overall rating Minimum 4.0 stars of overall rating based on surveys of customers and seller ratings on a 90 day rolling basis.
    Escalation rate <= 1 in 300 protected orders.
    Average escalation resolution days < 4 days
    Annual payout capital < $5000 in aggregate on 365 days rolling basis else merchants participation would be suspended or canceled.
  • Technical Integration:
    It includes the process of feeding the data and inserting java script code to all the website pages, integration of order details, adding product details, cron setup and other data feeds. This helps Google monitoring your data to determine eligibility for certification.
  • Browser and order testing:
    Before entering the qualification period, stores have to validate the functionality of the codes across all common browsers and test orders through the store. Your store can only enter the qualification period once the test orders get confirmed.
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  • Entering qualification period:
    Once you enter the qualification period, Google starts monitoring your orders to meet the eligibility criteria and performance standards. It includes reviewing customer service of your website, delivery, shipping and return policies. This process may take upto 90 days based on the volume of the orders created during this period. The badge will be appear automatically after satisfactory confirmation of the orders and other criteria.
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