Case Study - Partial Payment solution to build a Distributors Network

Case Study - Partial Payment solution to build a Distributors Network

Prodigg sells Bathroom supplies in Australia and uses Milople’s Partial Payment Solution as part of their core business strategy. We have been helping them with our Partial payment solution and other Magento development needs for quite some time now and recently we spoke to Dominque, Kristy and Jami from Prodigg. Here is the excerpt of the discussion.

1) Tell us about Prodigg

We are an online Wholesale Bathroom supply company. We bring the highest quality product at the best possible prices to Australian families and businesses. We bring products of superior quality directly to consumers from manufacturers and have a great network of Bathroom makers and contractors.

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2) How E-Commerce helps your overall business?

E-Commerce is imperative to Prodigg being predominantly an online store. Knowing that we have a safe and secure structure allows us to work consistently with our online transactions. We could build a pan Australia customer base and a strong network of Bathroom contractors. (The Pros)

3) How do you differentiate yourself with other eCommerce stores of the same category?

We have the retail and wholesale model both on our store. Both type of customers would have different pricing and benefits. This allows us to work synonymously on both ends of our business with little fuss.
Animated Partial Payment
The other payment option we have is a pre order payment by paying a 50% upfront deposit and the final 50% payment prior to delivery. All of these options allow us to show a point of difference in comparison to competing stores online.

4) Tell us more about deposits and pre order
Getting booking amount is an important strategy for us. As we have wait periods with our products. Deposits give customers peace of mind knowing they pay the full amount when their product is ready. Also building a home and renovations can be an expensive task so pre order payments also allow more time for budgeting and paying for the product.

5) Do your get your payments on time from customers in case of installment payments?

Yes normally the customers would pay within a span of 15 days or as the container arrives in case of longer delay. The payment transactions are usually smooth because of your partial payment solution.

6) What are your next plans with regards to eCommerce

Our next plans are down the lane of automated payment installments i.e Direct Debit as well as finance options at a retail level. In order for us to secure the larger developers, we would need to move down the path of accounts. This would be a long-term issue for selected customers.

7) How much lead management and automation is important to you

We have upgraded our leads management through online requests for call backs. This assists us in our management as it is automated and live. So rather than a customer calling and waiting, for example, we can call the customer straight back. Customers seem to like this option a lot. 

8) Why do you use Milople

We use Milople as they provide a professional, fast & efficient service to our business.

9) With your experience could you share some tips for merchants selling products online?
My advice would be to know your market, know your product and trust in what you are selling.

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