Selling Personalized Gifts Online - InThisVeryRoom Case Study

Selling Personalized Gifts Online - InThisVeryRoom Case Study

Personalization and Virtualization is no more a big thing but an essential eCommerce practice. Our Customer -InThisVeryRoom does it successfully. We interviewed Kimberly, the founder of the business and here are the excerpts.

1) Tell us about your company

InThisVeryRoom started in 1999 when shoppers were just barely starting to trust shopping online. We started with gifts and now we also offer personalized, and special gifts to our customers. Many customers have been with us since our inception, which means so much to us!

2) That’s great, what makes those customers loyal to your business for such a long time

I guess our constant evolution in terms of our products makes them happy and be with us always. We kept introducing new products with the help of new technology and the latest of them is Personalization. Customers always receive great products and superior experience from us.

3) What do you sell?

InThisVeryRoom offers all kinds of fun gifts, accessories, and decor for women, children, and your home. Most items can be personalized or monogrammed just as you wish. We love that customers not only buy for friends and family, but they can get fabulous items for themselves as well.

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4) How did you decide to sell what you sell?

That’s the fun part ”“ narrowing down all the great merchandise out there to the select the items we truly love. “Each item is reviewed and chosen as something stylish, cute, classy or fun, normally all of the above! We try to keep it to items that have the ability to somehow be personalized by engraving, embroidery, or printing. Merchandise is chosen by following a small test: do we love it and would we want it in our homes? We also show our children the items and other trusted friends & shoppers, and see what they think as well. It’s a great process and one that is crucial to our success.”

5) Why do you offer product personalization facility. Is it a winning business strategy?

Yes it is ”“ because we love anything personalized. We love providing customers with some choices so that they buy something that really matters to them. It saves customers’ time as well ”“ because other online stores may offer the products, but no way to make it personal”¦and we can do that for them!

6) How E-Commerce helps your overall business?

E-Commerce IS our business. We started out doing home shows and then having booths at fun gift markets around the state of Texas. Then once we saw the ease of putting our business online, we did and we grew exponentially! The shopping market online has changed drastically over the years ”“ the landscape is so different than it was when we started. Many people didn’t even use the internet when our business first went online, we were definitely early adopters. It’s been such a fun ride and have so much pride in the journey we have experienced!

7)How do you source the products?

We source our products from trusted vendors around the nation. There are many we have used for all the years we have been in business, and are always on the lookout for new brands. We do not manufacture anything ourselves ”“ we seek the best manufacturers for our type of products. We shop at gift markets in the USA and also will get contacted by vendors regarding new products they have. We love that and always have our eyes open!

8) How do you differentiate yourself from other eCommerce stores of the same category?

This is a great question! What we think sets us apart is that we give customers an easy way to shop for fabulous & trendy gifts by offering: a clean looking site design, ease of navigation, product selection that is not too much or too little, and we have great customer service. We personally help customers daily ”“ maybe it’s deciding on a gift for a certain family member, getting advice on a print or pattern, or simply helping place an order. We love helping our customers and have so many repeat buyers that have stuck with us through the years. We know buying personalized gifts requires a lot of thought -and we always love to help our customers make the best decisions for gifts they are proud to give!

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9) What are your next plans with regards to ecommerce?

For now we are putting efforts to strengthen the marketing over Google and social media. We are also strengthening our points program for repeat customers. We are preparing for omni channel experience to our buyers.

10) What makes you happy in your business?

You know we all get so excited about personalized, special gifts ”“ we seek to provide our customers with stylish accessories, decor & gifts that they can give with pride or cherish themselves! There is nothing better than opening a gift or getting something special for your home, children or even yourself, that has special meaning because it has your initials, or name or even a special date. Everything can be personalized as you please, whether that be monogramming, or simply your favorite pattern or colors, then we can do it! We truly enjoy our business.

11)Why do you use Milople?

InThisVeryRoom decided to use Milople for many reasons. First of all, they replied to our custom, complicated request in a timely fashion. Then they asked more questions to make sure they had the scope correct, then they had the right price, and they were clear and concise in communication with us. Their pricing was better than other developers, with better communication and great Magento knowledge ”“ this was all important. But I have to say, they really shined as the project was in process and continued to offer excellent help/service. They went above and beyond, as we know our project was a large, long, complicated process and they held up their end of the deal the entire way. There were so many twists and turns none of us could have predicted with the type of project we had ”“ and they were polite, professional and held up their end of the deal even when things took much more work on their end than anyone expected. They have been super! I could not be happier and am so thankful I found Milople!

12) With your experience can you share some tips to merchants selling products online?

My biggest tip is this: Understand the animal of search engine optimization. If you don’t know how to do this or hire the right people to help you, your business can fail. The old days of simply posting an item and have it appear in the top 5 organic results within a week are long gone. This was the case for us 10-15 years ago, it was so, so simple for us ”“ we would put up phone cases on our site (with no outside help or consultants to help) and would watch as we would appear on the first page within a week. It was insanely easy and good ”“ and business was through the roof! But, the reality is that it’s very different now and trying to educate yourself or hiring someone, is crucial. You must learn all you can about how search engines see your site”¦and then continue to learn as it changes weekly. SEO is an ongoing, giant process that is a must.

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