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  • Posted On February 18, 2015
    PHP has evolved like a rise of a new dawn in web development world and come a long way since its birth in the mid-1990's. Its journey from modest beginnings to a swifter growth of being one of the most prominent languages powering the web now a days, the evolution ...
  • Posted On July 16, 2014
    Hey Folks, I am going to share some important tips which our Magento expert developers and solution providers follow to keep Magento core architecture intact. I will also describe a case of one of the largest and best Magento implementation to support this. Magento like any other stable and growing ...
  • Posted On May 20, 2014
    Getting older is a fuzzy thing... But actually, to grow with years of experience is so pleasing that makes you more beautiful and juvenile :) Indies Services is turning 10 years and entering 11th with all new ideas and excitements. With a great honor we would like to admit that ...
  • Posted On May 14, 2014
    Magento has announced launch of Magento CEĀ 1.9 and enterprise edition 1.14 yesterday. 20 magento geeks from Indies jumped to dig this further putting all the work off else their knowledge bug would not let them work on the projects. Sanjay informed to team in the morning today in first hour ...
  • Posted On November 27, 2013
    Recently Google added new Age, Gender and Interest Reports in the Demographic section to allow you better understand who your visitors are and how you can better serve them. These are the same demographics and interest categories used to target ads on the Google Display Network. To display these data ...
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